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Temiskaming & Northern Ontario Curling Association



Saturday September 25, 1999


President Rory MacDiarmid welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked those present for attending.


The attendance and credentials of those present was verified and the following representation was confirmed :

Chapleau Not represented
Cobalt-Haileybury Represented
Cochrane Not represented
End-of-Rail Represented
Englehart Not represented
Hearst Represented
Horne-Granite Represented
Iroquois Falls Represented
Kapuskasing Represented
Kirkland Lake Represented
McGarry Not Represented
McIntyre Represented
Smooth Rock Falls Not represented
James Bay Not represented
Matheson Represented

A quorum was established.

Secretary Joe reported that there was a quorum for the meeting and that in accordance with the Constitution, motions could be passed at this meeting.


The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on April 24, 1999 in Kirkland Lake were read by Joe Gubbels.
Motion made by Bill Volume
Seconded by Kent MacInnes
That the minutes of the meeting be adopted as printed.

Business arising out of the minutes.

1. Changes to the format for the Association Tankard.
• Proposal made by Tom Armstrong that the 10th. team be selected from the Zone which had the Association winner at last year’s playdown.
• Proposal made by Vic Mitchell that the 10th. team be selected from Zone 5, thus each of the five Zones having two representatives at the Association playdown.

Motion by Tom Armstong
Seconded by Brian Peever
That the 10th. team be selected from the Zone which had the Association winner at last year’s playdown.
Motion was defeated

Motion by Vic Mitchell
Seconded by Bob Hardy
That the 10th. team be selected from Zone 5, thus each of the five Zones having two representatives at the Association playdown.
Motion was carried.

Note to the motion, the Challenge round is canceled for the 1999-2000 season, however that if enough interest is shown in future years, this idea be revisited.

2. Amalgamation.
Secretary Joe noted that Northern Ontario is one of the few remaining Provinces/Territories in Canada with multiple Associations.
He presented a proposal with various scenarios on how amalgamation could be achieved.
Recommendation that a group of Past Presidents be appointed to investigate this idea and report back to the next meeting.
Rob Gordon noted that in order to achieve any results in this area, we must have the cooperation of our “sister Associations” and recommended that between Joe and Rory, that a letter be drafted to the Presidents and Secretaries of the other Associations to request some input and that a the same time, it be requested that this item be brought to the agenda of the Inter-Association meeting in February and the Inter-Inter-Association meeting in June.

Motion by Rob Gordon
Seconded by David MacInnes
That the proposal as noted above be brought to the agenda of the two meetings.

3. Level I Clinic in Hearst
Marc Barrette noted that this request was made at the Spring Meeting, but to date he has not received many requests for this course. He will check this item out with the Hearst Club executive and report back to Joe.

4. Changes to T.&.N.O. Bonspiel
Secretary Joe brought forward a number of proposals to enhance this Bonspiel.
After extensive discussions and a number of issues clarified, the following motion was made:

Motion by Ken Rafuse
Seconded by Marc Barrette
That the Association levy for the Bonspiel be set at $30.00 per team.

Motion by Mickey Abramson
Seconded by Ken Rafuse
That for the 2000 Bonspiel, the entry fee be set at $200.00 per team.
Bob Hardy noted that rooms have been reserved at the Glendale Motel, but that all participants should confirm their reservation soon.

5. Association Crests
The question of who will receive the Association winners crest was discussed.
For the 1998-1999 season, the winners of the Association Mixed were the teams of David MacInnes and Rick Stewart. Do to unfortunate circumstances, the Rick Stewart team was not able to go to the Provincial Mixed and the team of Vic Mitchell was selected and was presented with the Association crests prior to going to the Provincials. David MacInnes felt that Rick Stewart should have received the crests. It was pointed out, that a number of years ago, a similar situation occurred and that the team which actually advanced to the Provincials was awarded the crests, thus a precedence has been set and that this procedure will continue.


1. Letter from the Cobalt-Haileybury Curling Club, submitting bid to host the 2001 Provincial Mixed.

2. Letter from Anne Cryderman, chairperson of the 2001 National Scotts in Sudbury, requesting the rental of the T.&.N.O. rocks for this event.
There may be a problem in honoring this request. The Kapuskasing Curling Club is in the process of building a new five sheet curling club, which should be in operation by the end of the year. They have requested that they be given the opportunity to purchase the rocks, since the Association has indicated that they are willing to sell the rocks. The executive of the Kapuskasing Curling Club is in the process of formulating a bid for the purchase of the rocks.

Motion by David MacInnes
Seconded by Vic Mitchell
That the Association Executive be given the authority to negotiate a fair price with the Kapuskasing Curling Club for the purchase of the rocks..

3. Letter from Curley Everitt, Past President of the N.O.C.A. asking for support in his bid to the election to the Board of Directors of the C.C.A.


1. Curl Ontario Meeting - June 1999
Secretary Joe attended the meeting on behalf of the Association.
Some hi-lites of the meeting:
• Financial - A representative of the Ministry of Culture and Recreation addressed the group and outlined the various plans and programs which are eligible for funding through the Ministry.
• Sponsorship - John McCrea gave an overview of the sponsorships that are in place with Curl Ontario. Teranet provides funding for Provincial Junior playdowns. There appears to be some confusion with regards to the distribution of these funds. John McCrea will forward a copy of Teranet contract.
• The issue of establishing satellite Curl Ontario offices in other areas of the Province were discussed. No decisions were made at this time.

2. Inter-Inter Association Meeting - June 1999
Secretary Joe attended the meeting on behalf of the Association. All five of the Associations in Northern Ontario were represented.
Some hi-lites of the meeting:
• Inter-Association manuals were reviewed and will be up-dated as required.
• The sites and dates of Provincial playdowns were confirmed.
• Officiating at Provincial playdowns was discussed. In the vent that a hosting club is not physically suited to have on-ice hogline officials, the teams are to be notified of this prior to the competition.
• Team sponsors advertising will be allowed at Provincial playdowns.
• Head officials for Provincial playdowns are to be approved by the hosting Association.
• The Provincial Junior Chairperson has been selected from the three men’s Associations. Perhaps a rotation could be established. Further investigation will be conducted.
• Comfort Inn sponsorship. There has been some confusion on this issue. John McCrea and Clyde Opaleychuk will investigate.


The audited report for the 1998-1999 season was presented.
• Funds received after year-end were explained.
• The general account shows a slight profit for the season.
Discussion on various items of expense and revenue ensued:
• All Clubs paid the assessments as invoiced.
• Revenue by Zones is down in all areas.
• Participant Card fees are down substantially.
• Question regarding the item of capital expenditure. Secretary Joe noted that this expenditure was for hardware and software to connect to the Internet. The Association website is up and running and everyone should use this tool.

Motion by Ken Rafuse
Seconded by Marc Barrette
That the financial statement as presented be approved.


Motion by Joe Gubbels
Seconded by Rob Gordon
That the Constitution be revised as presented.

ITEM 7 -BUDGET FOR 1999-2000

Secretary Joe presented the proposed budget for the 1999-2000 season.
Each item was explained. Travel expenses for teams to Provincial playdowns will be increased substantially this year.
Three teams to Marathon for Provincial Men’s.
Two teams to Dryded for Provincial Juniors.
One item in the proposed budget is to eliminate the expense of sending an Association Rep. to the Curling Conference in Saskatoon.
Kent MacInnes suggested that any surplus funds which may result over the next number of seasons be placed in a special fund in order to send a delegate to these meetings starting the year prior to the term when the T.&.N.O. representative is required to be the voting delegate.

Motion by David MacInnes
Seconded by Bill Volume
That the budget as presented be approved.


A chart was presented indicating the dates of the various events.
The Provincial Playdown Sites will be as follows:

Tankard Marathon February 8-12, 2000
Seniors Kirkland Lake December 17-19, 1999
Mixed Soo Curlers December 9-11, 1999
Juniors Dryden January 14-16, 2000

The Association Playdown Sites will be as follows:

Tankard Kapuskasing January 21-23, 2000
Seniors Cochrane November 26-28, 1999
Mixed McIntyre March 17-19, 2000
Juniors New Liskeard December 17-19, 1999
Masters McIntyre April 1-2, 2000
Bantam Boys McIntyre April 1-2, 2000
Bantam Mixed Iroquois Falls January 28-30, 2000
T.&.N.O. Bonspiel Iroquois Falls February 17-20, 2000


Location Event Dates
Cobalt-Haileybury Mixed Mar. 17-19
Englehart Men's Jan. 7-9
Horne-Granite Men's Nov. 12-13
Iroquois Falls Mixed Mar. 31-Apr.1
Kapuskasing Open Nov. 5-7
Kirkland Lake Men's Mar. 24-26
McIntyre Open Dec. 3-5
Smooth Rock Falls Open Oct. 1-3
Hearst Men's Feb. 11-13


Only one bid was received to host this event.

Motion by Bob Morin
Seconded by Marc Barrette
That the Cobalt-Haileybury Curling Club host the 2001 Provincial Mixed playdowns.


1. Copies of the “Getting started in Curling” handbook and video were given to Club Directors. Secretary Joe noted that this is an excellent resource for getting elementary school students involved in the game. This is a follow up to the program started by Gord McKnight in the Tri-Town area which proved to be very successful. Gord has offered his assistance in this regard and all clubs were urged to get this program started and if assistance is required to contact Gord.

2. The Association website is complete and in operation. There is a lot of information available on this site. Clubs were requested to review the information and get back to Joe with any changes or alterations.

3. Joe presented copies of information available on the Government initiative entitled VolNet. Monies are available to Clubs to purchase computers and to assist with the cost of Internet connection and training.

4. Joe reported that Pepsi Cola could be a possible sponsor of curling in Northern Ontario. A show of hands indicated that the majority of the Clubs use pepsi as mix and softdrink in their clubs. Further information will be forthcoming.

5. Another possible sponsor of Senior Curling is Grey Power Insurance. They have indicated a desire to become involved at the Provincial playdowns. Once negotiations have been completed, everyone will be informed. The Kirkland Lake Curling Club will be hosting the Provincial Seniors this year.


President Rory extended a vote of thanks to the Iroquois Falls Curling Club for being hosts to this meeting
The Spring Meeting will be held in Kirkland Lake.
The date of the meeting will be confirmed.



Bill Volume Past President Kapuskasing
Rory MacDiarmid President Haileybury
Bob Hardy Vice President Iroquois Falls
David MacInnes Vice President McIntyre
Kent MacInnes Zone Chairman McIntyre
Dean McFarlane Past President New Liskeard
Victor Mitchell Zone Chairman Moosonee
Todd Turner Director Kirkland Lake
Tom Armstrong Delegate Kirkland Lake
Bob Morin Zone Chairman Haileybury
Dave Smith Director New Liskeard
John Buchan Delegate Iroquois Falls
Eric Hardman Director Iroquois Falls
Peter Corcoran Delegate Iroquois Falls
Brian Peever Director Matheson
Mickey Abramson Zone Chairman Iroquois Falls
Marc Barrette Director Hearst
Rob Gordon Past President Haileybury
Ken Rafuse Delegate McIntyre
Chris MacInnes Delegate McIntyre
Violet Bradbury Recording Secretary

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