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The 70th. Annual T.&.N.O. was held in Iroquois Falls on February 18-19-20, 2000

27 teams participated in the Bonspiel.

First Event, sponsored by Nortel Mobility:

Skip -Florian Dandurant
Vice - Les Steudle
Second - Phil Cybolsky
Lead - Ron Lefebvre
- Iroquois Falls

Second Event, sponsored by Northern Telephone:

Skip -Bob Hardy
Vice - Jacques Huber
Second - Mickey Abramson
Lead - Ron Boucher
- Iroquois Falls

Third Event, sponsored by T.&.N.O. Association:

Skip -Floyd Hopson
Vice - LRoss Libby
Second - Kees Pols
Lead - Don Francis
- Timmins

Fourth Event, sponsored by Labatt Breweries:

Skip -Terry Delaurier
Vice - Jerry Delaurier
Second - Camille Julien
Lead - Rene Lessard
- Iroquois Falls

The 71st. Annual T.&.N.O. Bonspiel will be held in
Kirkland Lake
February 15-18, 2001

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